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busy little monkey

It has been quite a busy week. Highlights:

Potted Potter: A parody of JK Rowling's books (rather than Dennis Potter as someone else thought) - all 7 books in 70 minutes. This was huge fun with a good mix of adult and children based humour, which involved a fair amount of audience participation. Lots of children and adults (many, including ourselves, went sans small people) and lots of slapstick but clever silliness that never lost either elements of the audience. You can find out more here. Saw it at the Tobacco Factory, which is a great local venue for this sort of stuff.

JB's Leaving Do: Sad but fun nonetheless. Reminded me why I don't often drink and why I should go out more.

Degree Registration Info: Other than the subsequent fact that I can't change my default password because it doesn't like it and therefore won't let me on the system, receipt of this all important gumph was to lots of excitement and much reading of stuff (a lot of which is completely irrelevant to me but hey... what the heck).

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