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#nanowrimo or 'Why the hell am I doing this?'

Dear blog-reader, With little persuasion from Gail (@1mgoldstars), I have signed up to the National Novel Writing Month.

Yes. National Novel Writing Month. The aim of which is to write a novel of 50,000 words in one solitary month, starting on the 1st of November and finishing at midnight on the 30th of November.

Yes. FIFTY thousand words in ONE month. Yikesies!

That is 1,666.66 words a day. Ouchies!

So why am I telling you?

Because I was told to. Because I was informed that I will absolutely, completely need your support, your understanding and your encouragement; but most of all I will need your unmitigated scorn and your deeply withering comments if I so much as think about slacking. To quote the guidance notes 'the spectre of looming humiliation is a very reliable muse'.

The concept is just to write; to write freely without an eye for editing and polishing; the art of the word left in the drawer, the sledgehammer of graft firmly in its place.

I have a writing plan. I have ideas. I have characters. I just have no clue what else I am doing with them. Here goes something. Here goes anything.

Yours slightly worriedly,


Further details can be found at the NaNoWriMo website.

If you are interested in seeing how I do, or providing encouragement/scorn, my (lack of) progress can be found here.

#nanowrimo - day 1

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