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I am well aware that my blog has languished a bit of late, particularly over the last two weeks. There are reasons for this; namely a combination of my inherent laziness, said laziness being kicked into touch by the NaNoWriMo challenge, writing for isca media and iwalkdevon and various other factors too minor to mention (well, except the critical factor that I am all too often running out of cake).

The above, combined with the hell that is work, has run my creative and mental energies ragged, reducing them to mere shadows of themselves. They are concentrated elsewhere, and thus this little bolthole of mine languishes.

I can, however, say one thing. Writing is hard. It is not just sitting there and bashing out the words. It requires thought, more thought, planning, inspiration, creativity and plenty of mental energy. And masses and masses of self-discipline. Looking around the twitterverse and blogosphere will attest to this, many a writer, accomplished or otherwise, battling day by day to put enough words to paper. Hats off to you, I am only just beginning to understand the effort and cost of such endeavour.

This is the field I want to enter, this is the world that excites and interests me, that makes my day bearable. Like my other love, photography, there is nothing like crafting something you can be proud of, with care, attention and hard work. All artists, musicians, photographers, writers, dancers, etc live through it, the cycle of grind and graft, slowly shaping the end result, learning and adapting as they go.

This is where I am, somewhere near the beginning of this cycle, marching onwards with hope and determination (and cake) towards a goal that I can only just perceive and quantify.

It is difficult. It is frustrating. It is draining and painful and tedious. Yet it is also enlightening and enjoyable, full of discovery, full of learning and hope and creativity and energy. It is a perfectly formed microcosm of life, embracing all its problems and all its qualities.

 Despite it all, the ups and the downs, I aim to journey on, and regardless of recompense, learn my craft alongside my fellow journeymen and women, until one day I will be doing what I want to be doing, the way it should be done.


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