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the 25th day (addendum)

I am suddenly aware that my last post was not the most, ah, happy, uplifting and joyous of posts for the occasion, which is very much a result of my being in a somewhat reflective mood more than anything. So, to remedy this, I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday, whether or not you are Christian, practicing, or otherwise; whatever your race, creed, religion or philosophy. Enjoy the company of friends and family and special loved ones. Eat lots, indulge more, but please spare a thought or an action for those in the world less fortunate than yourself. Most of all, be content, be happy and be loved.

Wishing you all the best, on the 25th day of December, and hoping tomorrow's hangover is a mild one, and the stomach ache well earned.




the 25th day (and other stuff)