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Every action has a consequence. Every action derives from a decision. Every decision, no matter how consciously made, is born of a multitude of factors and decisions and conditions. I am sitting on a train, on my way into London. This is my second train of the day, and I can trace the factors and influences that led to me picking up the 7.00am train from Bristol Temple Meads.

On the outskirts of London, an unknowable confluence and convergence of factors and actions and events led to someone making a drastic and fatal decision. That person, driven by despair or depression or whatever else, threw themselves in front of a train.

Somewhere sadness will bloom. Friends and family will, assuming they exist, know the shock and horror of one of their own taking their own life.

I am on a train, diverted from my route by this event. I am ambivalent, a little sad, but it is the intellectual sadness of someone who is not directly involved but recognises the pain of the event. Around me the train is crowded with all those inconvenienced by this singular act. There is a little anger, a little bitterness, a touch of sadness here and there. Mostly there is the quiet acceptance that these things happen. People are going to miss connections, plans are delayed, events missed or put back, friends missed, time and activity distorted.

At the immediate train stations there is much debate and re-organisation and fixing. Contingency plans are put into place. At further train stations the effect ripples out, passengers redirected to other trains and other routes; plans are remade, phones rung, changes made. The shape of the world morphs, the future alters, it becomes something different.

Somewhere, a butterfly stirs its wings and a king laments the lack of a nail...

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