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insomniac nights

It is 12.30am, and whilst that doesn't ordinarily count as late, I did try to go to sleep some 2 hours ago. I am very much in the mood to get up and do some writing. The middle of the night is one of my favourite times of the day, and it is often when I am at my most creative and contemplative.

I wish this country had all night cafes. I would go and sit in one, write, drink coffee, eat cake and watch the night-time world go by.

That isn't an option. So I will probably go downstairs, sit at my kitchen table, put something suitably soothing and creativity provoking on the music system and write.

Well, think and write. Or hallucinate and write. Maybe mumble to myself and swig port out of the bottle and sing snatches of inopportune songs.

Maybe I'll just write. It'll be easier to clean up in the morning.

writing again