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borough market, london

One of the main issues I have with Bristol is the lack of a good food market with a real depth and breadth of choice. The Farmers' Market on Corn Street (Wednesdays) and the excellent Tobacco Factory Market (Sundays) are the only two that I know of. Bristol is well-regarded as a foodies' haven, with excellent restaurants, cafes, food festivals and an abundance of good quality local produce. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have the depth of population to support a larger more permanent food market.

I visited Borough Market on Saturday and was pretty much blown away by the range of foodstuffs on offer (even if it was a little over-priced). The place was heaving with customers, tourists and photographers alike, all dipping their fingers towards many a taster dish or plate.

The place was buzzing, full of life and character, and the quality of the food on offer was fantastic. Definitely a place that I would love to live near, were I to live in London, although I would probably have to leave my wallet at home.

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