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b boy

I've just been watching a C4 documentary on the Korean B-boy championships, covering popping, locking and, um, breaking (I think... I am so down in the hood). The documentary was surprisingly intelligent and was trying to explore (in a lightweight way) whether the Koreans had become so good at the above because they really understood the background and ethos of the dances, or just because of their drive to excel. The conclusion was in favour of the former but regardless of that, I have to say the sheer artistry, skill and breathtaking ability on display was something to behold.

This film, North Korea vs South Korea from Planet BBoy, whilst generating some dispute around whether the North Koreans are indeed from the North, is a nice little showcase of what I'm talking about.

It raises the additional and interesting question about the adoption of other cultural icons or movements (such as bboy dance) into another, often extremely diverse culture and the drivers/attractors behind this adoption.

One to think about when I have time.

b boy (ii)