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photo project preview

As some of you may know I am currently doing an environmental portraiture course with Morag MacDonald of Documentary Image. The course has been quite good thus far, and I have learnt as much about Lightroom workflow and picture editing as I have about environmental portraiture. Part of the course is that we are to do a project during the course, which is quite open in subject matter (as long as it is it has to do with E.P.), to be printed and displayed at the final session. Mine is to do with my friends and their passions (I have two more people to shoot this weekend).

Below are a couple of only just rejected photos from the two shoots conducted to date. The first is a shot of my friend Becky, who does pole dance as exercise. We spent a frenetic 20 minutes shooting prior to her advanced class. It was enough to make me appreciate the strength, grace and dedication these girls have.

I like this shot because it gives a good impression of the sense of space whilst indicating the strength and grace of the subject. I also like it because of the anonymity it retains.

The second image is taken from my second shoot with Jonathan and David, two exceptional percussionists. I got to direct them about a bit and then let them play, shooting the whole time. Excellent fun and fantastic to listen to.

I really do like this (establishing) shot, showing the two subjects discussing what they are going to do next in a very relaxed manner. The only issue I have is with the contrast of light on Jonathan's face, something that I could work on to mitigate.

I'll post the complete sets from the finished project. I am toying with having a little show/exhibition for those involved and interested, but that might require a bravery pill.

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