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going car-less: summer edition

This is the first summer in 7 years that I will be without a car. It will be interesting to see how I cope without one. The ordinary day to day stuff will be fine; the sunshine and good weather is nothing but extra conducive to walking and cycling everywhere, and I do love jumping on the ferries that trundle up and down the docks. So I don't have any worries there.

I am definitely missing the freedom to shoot off and do some walking/photography in the great outdoors on a whim. I will have to plan these things, whether it is pre-booking train tickets, working out timetables for buses and trains or hiring a car for the weekend. I am kinda stuck between two worlds of accessibility here. The excellent City Car Club is great for short trips (in terms of time and mileage) of a few hours or so, and your ordinary car rental is great for a weekend or more, but there isn't an option for grabbing a car for a day.

I need to think smarter on how to do this, on how to access the great outdoors without a car, and it may be that I need to plan more and commit more time than I would ordinarily, but I guess that is the price I pay for giving up the flexibility and 'freedom' of a car.