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all work and no play

I'm drowning in work at the moment, which is never a good thing. On the plus side climbing was a lot of fun last night and I managed to get up at 5.30am for a run and my morning exercises, so I ache abominably now. The other bit of very cool news is the receipt of my course handbook which explained all, and in particular gave some idea of the field studies we would be undertaking. Whilst it is a little disappointing that we won't be getting our hands dirty until later in the year but it is kind of understandable (we wouldn't know what we were doing). All the sites are extremely interesting (Avebury, Caerleon, etc) and the days should prove to be fun.

On an even more separate note, one of the cats has just brought in a live mouse. Looks like it's up to us humans to recapture it though. Hohum.

the sunday update

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