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How do you know when the decisions you make, when the choices and paths taken are the right ones? How do you know if choosing the difficult path isn't the just taking the easy one? How do you know when standing by your hopes and your dreams over the now and the achievable is the right thing to do?

How do you know when to call it a day, take a break, cut and run? How do you know when to step back from the brink, jump, climb, dive in; when to walk away, when to stay the course; when to grin and bear it, to hold on for all your worth?

How do you know when to risk it all, when to hope for the best and just do it; when to close your eyes, take a deep breath and throw yourself into the oblivion of the totally unknown? How do you know when to let go; when to do what your heart tells you?

How do you know?

deborah pope

going car-less: summer edition