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" - I was bunking off, doing something only other people such as Thor Heyerdahl and Ranulph Fiennes did: going on an expedition. A part of me refused to take seriously the concept of 'expeditions' in an age that routinely expected to soon to be sending people to Mars. Expeditions were for poor deluded fools who regretted being born in the late twentieth century. Expeditions were for people who couldn't accept the fact that the world was all explored. Expeditions were for wealthy nitwits looking for kicks in speedboats and balloons. And another part of me, the part that insisted on using the word 'expedition' despite having to make the ironic concession, knew that all of the above was lies."

- pg 8, Voyageur by Robert Twigger

Just because other people have discovered it, seen it, tasted it, heard it, felt it, touched it, gazed in awe at it, danced it, jumped it, swum it, played it, ate it, drunk it, photographed it, drawn it, written about it, slept in it, rolled in it, chased it, run from it, wept at it, hated it, felt ambivalent about it, wanted it,  explored it, found it, breathed it, watched it, paddled it, walked it, ran it, flown it, ballooned it, rafted it, basejumped it, toasted it, dreamt it, and loved it doesn't mean you can't too.

It is your adventure. It will only ever be your adventure, your life, your dreams and hopes and realisations. Nothing is stopping you, nothing is holding you back, nothing, that is, but you.

Now go and fucking do it.

rod mckuen

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