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rod mckuen

Just because I have been sitting here, window open, watching the graceful fall of night as music plays, reading his various collections. Just because. ---

Making popcorn for the seagulls on the porch you look up from the stove just long enough to look away. Some new obscurity behind your eyes I'm not as yet as liberty to know stays lurking there between the popcorn and the flame.

-Popcorn; The Sea Around Me... the Hills Above


April people  all are lonely that's the general rule and more than once a lonely heart has made an April fool.

Born in April, sad of heart, you're a lonesome child, but you could make the sun shine with even half a smile.

April people live for love nothing else will do. So come along and take my hand, I was born in April, too.

- April's People; Grand Tour


I've saved the summer and I give it all to you to hold on winter morning when the snow is new.

I've saved some sunlight if you should ever need a place away from darkness where your mind can feed.

And for myself I've kept your smile when you were but nineteen, till you're older you'll not know what brave young smiles can mean.

I know no answers to help you on your way the answers lie somewhere at the bottom of the day.

But if you've a need for love I'll give you all I own it might help you down the road until you've found your own.

- Thirty-six; Lonesome Cities


There's a few more lonesome cities that I'd like to see while the wine of wandering is still inside of me.

There's a few more pretty women that I'd like to know, a bridge or two I'd like to cross a few more oats to sow.

Maybe when I've done it all, seen all there is to see, I'll find I still cannot run away from me.

But as long as the trains keep runnin' a restless man I'll be, and there're a few more lonesome cities that I've yet to see.

- Lonesome Cities; Lonesome Cities


We come into the world alone. We go the same way. We're mean to spend the interlude between in closeness Or so we tell ourselves. But it's a long way from the morning to the evening.

- April 12; In Someone's Shadow


How can you say something new about being alone? Tell someone you're a loner and right away they think you're lonely.

It's not the same thing, you know.

It's not wanting to put all your marbles in one pocket. It's caring enough not to care too much.

Mostly it's letting yourself come first for a while.

- Some travelling music; In Someone's Shadow