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the sunday update

It's been an extremely hectic weekend and, to be honest with you, I haven't really caught up. The weekend was mainly spent studying (first day at uni - yay!) and trying to absorb lots of information and adjust to having to study, note-take and write essays. Argh!

We did have a great little tour of Bristol, taking in; Bristol Cathedral, the diverted River Frome, the boundaries of the original Saxon settlement, the Norman/Templar church with the leaning tower and King's Street  with it's multitude of architectures and merchant houses. Absolutely fascinating.

I'm going to try and dig out some people to volunteer and do some portrait work. It's been too long and I've been prevaricating enough. Some examples can be found here.

Finally, I am listening to this fine youTube regular, grayharp1. I really like her musings and singing, although her humour can be a little off-key sometimes. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy watching her cook whilst slightly inebriated, it's kind of heartwarming.

book of the day, Sunday 5th October 2008

all work and no play