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photo project

At the top of the page (up there) is a link to my photo project on 'People and their Passions', featuring 3 sets of nine photographs from each session. Each link opens up a new window with a flash 'presentation' of that set. This was the closing project from the 'Environmental Portraiture' course I did with Morag MacDonald of documentary image. My thanks to Becky, Paul, Jonathan, Lis and David for being such good sports and letting me photograph them - I had an absolute blast doing it and got to see them enjoying and doing the things they love. I owe you all dinner, at the very least.

I have been thinking that I will continue this as a personal project, so if you want to be photographed doing whatever it is you do, then I am happy to oblige :) Anyway, I will be posting more as I do them.

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism then please do let me know in the comments below... I look forward to whatever it is you might have to say.

I hope you enjoy the photographs.

Jonathan and David

father's day

inspiration wednesday