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wasted flash fiction comp

A little while ago I blogged about flash fiction, haiku and entering Nicola Morgan's flash fiction competition on her Wasted blog. The competition was to write a short story of 50 words or less about fate, chance or luck.  Being me, I chose all three.

Anyway, I found out this morning that the judgement had been made, the winners chosen, laurels bequeathed, processions arranged, etc. So I went over to have a look (feeling rather nervous).

There are some fantastically written snippets on there, encapsulating both the moment and the beyond (backwards and forwards in time). Tanya Byrne's piece is deservedly a winner and has many layers hidden within its few words. I am also really taken with Kate Kelly's piece, a fantastic snapshot of a moment on the Titanic, taken from the viewpoint of a band member.

The School-age category more than holds it own against the adults, the winning piece by Ellis Smith is superb, as are the rest (I was particularly struck by Heather Phillip's story).

Anyway, I found out that I had been placed amongst the commended submissions in the Adult category, which was both heartening, pleasing and, yes, for a moment, giddiness-inducing. And having my piece considered side by side with such excellent writing is both humbling and awesome (sorry @Eyoki).  In all honesty, just entering such competitions is a fun and enjoyable exercise, and it is always intriguing to see what your fellow competitors come up with, given the brief and the word limit.

The winning and commending pieces can be found here, go read, I hope you enjoy and have a go one day.

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